If you're waiting on a reason why, this is your sign to save your life | Citizen Soldier | World Suicide Prevention Day

If you’re waiting on a reason why, this is your sign to save your life | Citizen Soldier | World Suicide Prevention Day

Music has a knack of saying the words we can’t, it has the ability to amplify our cries for help and provide cathartic healing through those gutteral painful cries. When no one understands, music understands. When no one listens to you, music listens. When no one steps in to help you, music helps. If you find yourself waiting on a reason why, for someone, just anyone, to understand, this is your sign to save your life.

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If you’re struggling with suicidal thoughts please put this huge playlist I created on shuffle. There’s a little something there for everyone, both genre wise and subject matter as they vary from light relief to seriously real and gritty songs. See the bottom of this article for some contact numbers if you need professional help.

Some of our friends are putting on a massive suicide prevention stream tonight at 8pm est. You can tune in here and find out more info in the article below.

And if you are suffering please know that you’re NOT alone, you ARE cared for and you DO have a hope and a future. I’m praying for you and know that my inbox is always open. Please stay for a day more and do the same tomorrow. The world’s a much better place with you in it. I promise.

Concerned about someone who may be having suicidal thoughts?

All it takes is a smile, a head nod and/or a hello. Look around you. See someone struggling? Reach out to them. See someone being left out? Include them. See someone’s scars? Listen to them. Remind them that you care. Tell them they are loved, that they DO have a hope and a future, that tomorrow holds the answers to today’s problems. Encourage them to keep fighting. Arrange to meet up with them again later, or in a few days and do something fun. Have lunch together or something. Most of the time they don’t even wanna talk about it all, they just want to be included. There’s no lonelier place than being isolated and trapped in one’s mind. Keep an eye out and be someone’s light today.

Don’t feel qualified to do so? Just be brave and go for it, you’ll soon find out you are. If they do need to speak to someone professional, here’s the numbers to call…

America’s suicide prevention hotline – 1-800-273-8255
England’s – 116 123