Matt Sassano Unleashes Emotive, Electronic Rock EP "In Defiance"

Matt Sassano Unleashes Emotive, Electronic Rock EP “In Defiance”

Chart-topping Christian rock radio vocalist Matt Sassano is back with his electrifying new EP In Defiance via Rockfest Records. Featuring deeply honest, urgent singles “Not My Name” and “Dear God,” Sassano combines his powerhouse vocals, heavy rock melodies and EDM undertones with his faith and unique life story to deliver a love letter to misfits everywhere across five tracks. Sassano holds nothing back as he tackles topics including life with a disability, addiction, mental health, and struggles with loved ones with the hope of resonating with fellow rock fans who seek strength and solace in his lyrics.

“My EP ‘In Defiance’ is a heavy-hitting and hopefully thought-provoking body of work. I hope that the vulnerability in the lyrics will help the underdog feel less alone in their struggle.  I hope this music is a reminder to stand in defiance to whatever brings the listener down, tells them they are not enough or powerless. It was an honor working with Josiah Prince on this project and we poured a lot of heart and passion into each track..” – Matt Sassano

Though Matt Sassano launched his solo career in 2016, his roots in rock music run deep with his bands Transparent and Transparent Soul. His six years with these rock ensembles prepared him for sharing his debut solo LP Transcend in 2019, driven by energetic synths and raw storytelling. His passion for Christianity, songwriting and music creation have helped him navigate life with Cerebral Palsy and the rare learning disability Dyscalculia. Not only has he connected with fellow underdogs everywhere through his craft, but Matt’s work was also featured on the 2012 NASCAR The Game: Inside Line. As Matt ventures into a new chapter of his musical career with the awe-inspiring and riff-laden In Defiance, it’s clear his heavy rock journey is far from over. 


1. Dear God

2. Sorry Is A Dirty Word

3. Not My Name 

4. In Defiance

5. Guilty Pleasure

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