Stream footage from the church at the frontlines of the war in Ukraine

Into Ukraine, a documentary about God’s goodness in the midst of war, is streaming now

Into Ukraine, the powerful documentary from A Jesus Mission, is now available for streaming. You can watch the film at

The film is a firsthand look at aid missions that brought food to the frontlines of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. “We never set out to record a documentary,” A Jesus Mission’s Pierce Westfall recalls. “Everything is what people casually recorded along the way. At the end, we spent a couple days getting people to share on camera. So it really came together through peoples’ own camera recordings.”

The result is a poignant portrait of a country in crisis— and the way that the church truly mobilized as the Body of Christ in response. As Westfall experienced, “When a pastor in Ukraine meets another pastor in Ukraine, they no longer talk about doctrine. It’s ‘you know Jesus, I know Jesus, we need food. How can we help each other?’ The world needs to see that, to be encouraged that in the midst of tragedy, God is very alive and at work in Eastern Europe.”

Historically a missionary organization, A Jesus Mission began providing food to the frontlines of Ukraine in the early days of the war with just a few vans. The operation has grown to seven vans, fifty volunteers and over 400,000 pounds of food delivered. Throughout their humanitarian work, the gospel has naturally been given the chance to shine.

“Every time you’re going in, you find a pastor who’s praying for their daily bread because they haven’t had food in two days,” Westfall shares. “When you show up, it’s a miracle to them. People get to know the gospel just through us bringing aid.”

A Jesus Mission has been hosting screenings at the film at churches across America over recent months. Now, with the film available for streaming, a global audience is invited to be encouraged by this picture of God’s goodness amid tragedy.

“We want to encourage, you don’t need a crisis in Ukraine to respond to,” Westfall concludes. “There’s a crisis five minutes from everybody’s home in America. We just need to open our eyes to it. There are people who are abused. There are people losing their jobs. We have an opportunity to respond to crises every day of our lives, and God is as much present here as He is in Ukraine. He is waiting to show His goodness to us in the midst of crisis.”

A Jesus Mission is a missionary organization founded in 2013, with 120 missionaries currently serving in 17 countries. To learn more about their work, visit

Source: Transparent Media