Rock News Roundup 120

Hey rockers and welcome back to this week’s rock news roundup! Check below to see what your favorite rock artists are up to this week.

Seventh Day Slumber and GFM are both heading out as support for Fozzy’s “Save The World” Tour. Check out the post about that here and let me know if I will see you at the Charlottesville, VA stop!

Behold The Beloved dropped their music video for “Uncaged”. Check that out below! Great work to Kiersten Shamberger, her team, the band, and the extras for this music video. <3

Matt Sassano dropped his new single “Sorry is a Dirty Word”. I feel like a lot of us understand what it means to always be the one apologizing to someone who never sees their own part they played. Someone who never apologizes for words thrown, actions that have done us wrong. Thank you, Matt, for using your past to be present help to people now. Also: It’s cool to hear Azariah featured in the song too! Check it out below!

Amongst the Giants is in the recording studio with Memphis May Fire‘s own Kellen McGredgor, Check out Rockfest Records post about that here!

Forsaken Hero is coming out with a new song at midnight called “You Are The Light” (We Praise You)”. The lyric performance video drops tomorrow at 5 PM officially but check it out below now and get your praise on!

SafeKept shared that they have been, very slowly due to time limitations (many of us can relate!), working on an EP the last few years. They have recently started playing a new song at some shows called “Enjoy the Show”. Read their full post with more information here.

Ignescent is at Josiah Prince’s “The Ranch” studio for a songwriting session for new music! Check out their post about that here. With such a great collab, I’m sure it’s gonna be epic!

That ends this week’s rock news roundup. I hope you all have a great rest of your week and I hope to see you back here next week! May God bless and keep you all.

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