New Music: Rachael Nemiroff - Beautifully & Wonderfully Made

Rachael Nemiroff reminds listeners they’re Beautifully & Wonderfully Made with new single

Rachael Nemiroff released her new single Beautifully & Wonderfully Made last week. “This message is a part of my heart and a reminder that nothing about how you were created was a mistake! You were created wonderfully in the image of God, just the way you are. It’s about embracing the things that make each one of us unique in this world.”

She expands, “I wrote this song for anyone who feels like they’re not enough or maybe feels like you have to change parts of yourself in order to be loved, worthy, or accepted. A gentle reminder: You do not. I’ve been on my own personal journey with this as well so know you are not alone. I hope this song can be an encouragement for you to embrace your true self and how you were created – which is beautifully and wonderfully in the image of God.”

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