Mossy's Release Radar 7/22/22

Mossy’s Release Radar 7/22/22

All of this week’s new releases and videos can be seen here and here respectively (or at least the ones I know about/have time to round up!). Below are some of my highlights. It will be updated throughout today.

Dropped new music or visuals today? Let us know here & here respectively.

Featured Release

When your favourite band from your teens releases new music Twenty years later, and it’s your column, there’s only one project to feature here! Kutless are back with some rock, screams, and some electronic elements as they give three of the big tracks off their debut album 20 years on a facelift. To be completely honest, the new versions of Your Touch & Run don’t hit the mark for me, although I am heavily biased towards the originals, but I’m really digging the new spooky electro-punk take on Tonight! You can read more in our article here. Bring on that new Kutless rock music they’re busy working on!

Notable Releases

Fight The Fade have become a favourite of mine over recent years, there’s just a raw emotion which bursts out of their music and really hits the spot for me. Today sees their new album APOPHYSITIS unleashed into the world and I’m not listening to anything else today (except for the purposes of this article!)

One of my favourite new artist finds of 2022 is Lathan Warlick (shout out to SOFLOW Radio for the introduction) and today sees him Look Up to the Sky with Blessing Offor.

Speaking of the sky…

Before He Cracks The Sky check out Brinson’s new album here

One sure-fire way to improve a song is add YB to it and that’s exactly what Amanda Janson did. Here’s In the Name of Jesus with…YB (you didn’t see that coming did you?!)

GB x JP KILLED IT join forces to Do It Again and I’ll tell you what, I’m going to hit that repeat button and then do it again!

Never has the phrase short & sweet applied as well as it does to Caleb and Kelsey’s Never Grow Up. It’s short and it’s definitely sweet.

If love songs are your thing, LWO’s got you with I Got You.

Notable Videos

This is pure unadulterated CHH worship from Hulvey and it truly is Beautiful. Stream it here.

Kick satan in the face with this energy injection from Trampolines, Disciple and Legin. Kick satan in the face? Amen to That! Stream here.

Join Reece Lache and Mike Teezy and Do It Big! Reece Lache’s new Trust The Wave EP is out today, stream it here and read more here.

I can’t let anybody Hold Me Back, and neither can Canon or Derek Minor on Canon’s new single. That bass is simply sumptious! You can stream it here in the meantime.

This new releases from Benjamin Hastings and JUDAH. Feels Like A Blessing

Newsboys & Bart Millard celebrate the King Of Kings in this well done future AC radio hit. Stream it here.

The How Ridiculous Spot

They’re throwing a large bouncy ball off a dam. Who doesn’t want to watch that?!!

I hope these roundups introduce you to a few new artists each week. I’m aiming to have these up every Friday from hereon out.

If you know of any releases I’ve missed on the new releases list or any videos in the video gallery, please let me know in the comments or use the links at the top of the article. If you want to come on board and help us cover more on new release days, or any other day for that matter, please contact us and read more information here (we’re looking for tons of new writers currently, I can’t cover everything!).

I hope everyone has a great weekend, and I’ll see you next week for the next roundup.