Keross Music Examines Revelation on EP

Keross Music Examines Revelation on EP

Indian producer/artist Keross Music loves to make music for Jesus. “My heart is to reach the lost through my music and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

He goes on to show, “This EP was born as I was spending time with the Lord and I was burdened by the Christians who are still unaware that we are living in the end times and the main purpose of every believer should be to win souls and to share the Good News of The Lord Jesus Christ. That is when I thought, what if I as a producer make music which will walk them through the book of Revelation.

This EP consists of verses straight out of the Bible from the book of Revelation. I hope as they hear this EP, it will fire up their heart to live for Jesus and bring them back to their first love where all that mattered to them was to share the Gospel Of Jesus to the lost.”

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