Audio: We Are Compass Worship - Reintroduce Me

Audio: We Are Compass Worship – Reintroduce Me

Sometimes we forget that God is the same now as He was when the Bible was written. He still performs miracles, He still speaks in dreams, He still does the things that He did then, and He is still faithful; Yet we naturally put Him into a box. We can begin to think that how we experience God now is the only way we will ever experience Him, and that that’s the only way God chooses to operate with us. During the season that Reintroduce Me was written, several of the members on our team were experiencing God in a completely new way, learning more about who He is than we ever have in the past. When we ask God to reveal Himself, He does. We just have to pay attention. This song is the overflow of what the Lord was teaching us in that time, and it’s our prayer that He will continue to reintroduce Himself to us and to you!

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