Following the April release of their debut album, Growing Pains, ELEVATION RHYTHM is sharing a new song today titled “AQUÍ ESTOY.” Just in time for summer, the upbeat and infectious song drops as they lead into Elevation Church’s annual youth conference, YTHX, bringing thousands of students together for a three-day summer experience in July. 

“AQUÍ ESTOY” was written by ELEVATION RHYTHM members Josh Holiday, Laila Olivera, Jordan Holliday, Mike Pettus, and Nate Diaz. Listen to the song HERE which is also accompanied by a music video, placed below.

ELEVATION RHYTHM member Brittany Diaz shares, “‘AQUÍ ESTOY’ is about the joy and the freedom that comes with living life with Jesus. A lot of the time we try to find pleasure in things or places that leave us feeling empty, but the Lord promises us an abundant and fruitful life in Him. This song is an expression of that joy you feel after experiencing His love. You can’t help but dance. We hope you enjoy it!” 

I’ve been surrounded by it all

Looking for good in all the wrong places

I never felt like I belonged

And I was tired of wearing two faces

But now I’m alive

Loving the feeling I’m feeling inside

I got a new life

Praying to God that He help me survive

So imma do me

Finally feel like I’m really free

This type of love is what you need


Aqui esta la fiesta / So here I am aquí estoy

Aqui esta la fiesta / So here I am aquí estoy

As an essential part of Elevation Church based in Charlotte, North Carolina, ELEVATION RHYTHM sets the musical compass for the next generation of worshipers. With youth and young adults at the forefront of their mission, ELEVATION RHYTHM’s sonic backdrop is intentional to keep up with the changing times, which is why the group experiments with a variety of bold sounds and textures. Incorporating elements of pop, rock, worship, and hip-hop, “AQUÍ ESTOY” and the twelve songs found on Growing Pains all offer unique energy that stems from their diversity.

Most of all, their message is timely as they are speaking to a generation emerging from a global pandemic and feeling more confused and lonely than ever before. “At the forefront of our minds is writing for youth and young adults in our church and trying to give language to things they’re going through,” shares ELEVATION RHYTHM member Davide Mutendji.  

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Source: Merge PR