Allie Crummy Announces Self-Produced EP, "Those Other Psalms"

Allie Crummy Announces Self-Produced EP, “Those Other Psalms”

Allie Crummy is an independent Christian singer/songwriter and recording artist, who has released two full studio albums (Honesty, 2021; I Have Peace, 2020), and one studio EP (Every Story Has an Author, 2020). She is back in 2022, this time with a self-produced EP, ‘Those Other Psalms’.

‘Those Other Psalms’ features four songs, each based on a lesser-known psalm (three of which are imprecatory psalms). “I wrote these songs because I have sensed that we have a collective need for better faith vocabulary, especially as it pertains to our anger toward large scale injustice and violence,” Allie says. “It is not as though the Bible has nothing to offer in this area — David gives us examples of visceral prayers to God, as he feels powerless to change things that are causing destruction on a large scale in his day. It’s not that the imprecatory psalms are virtues to which we should aspire, but they do have a place, especially as we cry out to God and process our emotions in His presence.”

Musically, you can expect to hear a blend of indie, folk, and pop influences in these four songs. The aesthetic is such that it sounds a little rough around the edges in places, which matches the raw emotion of the lyrics.

Listen to ‘Those Other Psalms’ in full when the EP releases on July 15, 2022.

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