Zachary Levi Shares Inspirational Mental Health Journey In Debut Book, “Radical Love: Learning To Accept Yourself And Others”

Zachary Levi Shares Inspirational Mental Health Journey In Debut Book, “Radical Love: Learning To Accept Yourself And Others”

Acclaimed actor Zachary Levi (Shazam!, The Marvelous Mrs. MaiselChuck) releases his debut book, “Radical Love: Learning to Accept Yourself and Others” (Harper Horizon). Out today, the Hardcover title also features both eBook and self-narrated Audiobook and is now available in all three formats.

“Radical Love” is Levi’s personal story of grappling with a lifetime of historically crippling anxiety and depression, that stems from childhood trauma and the voices in his head that told him he would never be good enough. It provides a raw yet honest, behind-the-scenes account of Levi’s life and career successes and disappointments. Levi intimately details his personal journey of struggling with his mental health, that led to him to rock bottom and landed him in a therapy center, where he learned to address the underlying issues that preceded his downward spiral.

“My hope in sharing my story is that people who have experienced similar traumas in their own lives feel seen, heard, and loved; and know they are not alone in the ongoing battles they fight within their own hearts and minds,” says Levi. “There is no magic cure for these things, as much as I wish there was one. It is a journey full of ups and downs, victories and challenges, but most importantly toward loving and valuing yourself and others as we are intended: entirely and unconditionally.”

With relatable illustrations to help others work through and conquer their own personal journeys toward mental wellness, “Radical Love” is a combination of witty, touching, and powerful commentary. With honesty and humor, Levi relates his healing mental health journey, and shares valuable lessons and insights he gained along the way so that others can rise from the ashes of trauma and pursue meaningful lives of gratitude.

“The health risks caused by anxiety and depression are well-documented today,” says Andrea Fleck-Nisbet, publisher of Harper Horizon. “At their most dangerous levels, we see them reflected in the tragic number of suicides each year. If we are going to address this mounting issue, more work is required from each of us to remove the stigma of seeking mental healthcare.”

Fleck-Nisbet adds: “By sharing his story in ‘Radical Love,’ Zac is offering readers permission to open up, find safe communities, and bravely celebrate their stories. We are honored to be Zac’s publisher, and believe this book will be the spark of hope needed by so many who struggle with their mental health.”

“I’m not an expert, therapist, pastor, teacher, or monk,” says Levi. “I am merely a person going through my own mental and emotional health journey, hoping that I can pass on some of the wisdom and tools that I’ve been blessed enough to learn along the way. And I truly believe that if we can help heal the hearts and minds of everyone on earth, we will solve every other problem known to man in the process.”

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