Carlos And Alexa Penavega Release Debut Memoir “What If Love Is The Point?”

Carlos And Alexa Penavega Release Debut Memoir “What If Love Is The Point?”

Well-known Hollywood actors/entertainers and married couple Carlos and Alexa PenaVega release their debut memoir “What If Love Is The Point? Living for Jesus in a Self-Consumed World.”

Available TODAY via HarperCollins, the title shares their inspiring stories of transformation. Carlos and Alexa tell-all with how they both felt lost and searched for meaning, only to realize that living for Jesus and loving others is what life is all about.

Despite the opportunities they gained from their successful acting roles–Carlos on Nickelodeon’s Big Time Rush, Alexa in the Spy Kids movies–the popular actors also faced many difficult challenges. Carlos was struggling with the influences of Hollywood and was reeling from a broken relationship. Alexa was healing from a divorce and an eating disorder she kept hidden. They felt lost and wondered, what’s the point of it all?

Says the couple: “We wanted to talk about it all. We wanted to write about all the junk, the ‘norms’ in society that aren’t good for us, how to navigate friendships, what it’s like becoming a parent, and how we learned to draw healthy boundaries at work. But we mainly want to ask, ‘What’s the point? What’s the point of all of this living?'”

After a mutual friend separately invited them to a bible study, Carlos and Alexa began to see God’s answers to that question. Now, seven years of marriage and three children later, they have built a thriving relationship and a family centered on Jesus.

“What If Love Is the Point?” is their shared testimony about the true joy they’ve experienced and the insights that have changed their lives, showing how:

  • Putting God at the center has helped them in their marriage, their parenting, and even their career choices.
  • Giving to others, instead of focusing on themselves, brought real fulfillment.
  • Surrendering themselves to Christ helped them find each other–and in the process, discovering who they really were.

Allowing themselves to be open, honest, and vulnerable, so that others who face similar challenges in their lives can feel less alone and like someone has their back, “What If Love Is the Point?” is the couple’s shared story about the true joy they’ve come to experience in Christ, and the insights that have changed their lives.

They freely admit that as 30-something human beings, working performers, husband and wife, and now parents of young children, life is not easy – and committing to their Christian walk is often difficult and stressful despite the love and beauty of God at the center. Often, they don’t see God at work in the moment, but in retrospect can see how He was working with them in their struggles.

Carlos says: “The only way to be impactful in this world for Christ is to be consistent. We’re not always going to be perfect, but we will always strive to live in a manner worthy of His love.”

Adds Alexa: “Choosing to be consistent is what takes the fear out of our life. We no longer worry about what people think about us on social media. If we mess up, we own up to it and apologize for it. We don’t just show perfect moments. Writing this book was a wonderful and cathartic way to reflect on how God has always worked in every situation in our lives. It was a cool, awesome and healing way to talk about the many things that have gone on in our lives up till now.”

With “What If Love Is the Point?,” Carlos and Alexa are eager to share with readers the truth they’ve uncovered: the more we surrender to God, the more we become who we really are.

Source: Rogers & Cowan PMK