Micah Ariss Battles His Mind On "What Have I Become" with Chandler Burton

Micah Ariss Battles His Mind On “What Have I Become” with Chandler Burton

Micah Ariss presents his new self-produced single and music video, “What Have I Become” featuring Chandler Burton from the reaction channel Chandler Burton Entertainment.

Micah shares, “My latest release “What Have I Become” is a song about battling with yourself in your own mind while slowly breaking down over time and deteriorating into a person who you can’t stand to be. My favorite line from the song is “To fight the pain I gave up and let my conscience divide. But know I’m left with being half of who I am tonight.” 

The song features Chandler Burton on his debut outing and Micah goes on to share how they came to work together, “After reacting to one of my songs he posted a clip of him screaming in his car. Once I heard him I knew I had to do a song with him.”

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