​​Worship leader Scott Box releases book that Brian “Head” Welch calls “truly a remarkable story”

​​Worship leader Scott Box releases book that Brian “Head” Welch calls “truly a remarkable story”

Worship leader Scott Box’s first book Heroic Disgrace details his journey through bipolar disorder and into living out worship rather than just leading it. The resulting story offers hope for anyone whose life has been touched by the painful hopelessness of mental illness.

The book’s forward was written by Brian “Head” Welch, Grammy-award winning guitarist and cofounder of nu-metal icon Korn. “Heroic Disgrace is truly a remarkable story about one man’s fight to find authentic freedom,” Brian shares. “I am extremely confident this book will change many lives.”

“Jesus’s heroism is not the world’s kind, where people crush others,” the author explains. “The heroism that Jesus modeled was the opposite. He propped up the weak, the disadvantaged. That type of heroism gave meaning to my pain and helped me make sense of my life.”

Scott had been a successful worship leader for 25 years, externally proclaiming the love of God. Internally, his world was in chaos, consumed by the sick thought patterns of bipolar disorder. “I was desperate,” the author freely admits. “That desperation could have driven me in one of two directions: it could have driven me to end it all, or sent me into friendship with Jesus and hope. It became hope bound up in desperation. That’s what Jesus does.”

Ultimately, that desperate hopefulness drove him to lay down vocational worship leading in order to pursue wholeness. Scott’s recovery became a way of living out resurrection in his own life. Accepting that heroic role led Scott into wholeness, even through the ongoing realities of living with bipolar disorder. “The Great Hero, Jesus Christ, makes healthy what He does not heal. I am proof,” the author earnestly shares. “Health is always an option, even when healing is not God’s plan. There is always hope.”

That’s the story of unlikely heroism that we’re now invited into also. “I’ve learned, and I want to help other people learn, to be heroic as Jesus is heroic,” Scott explains.

You can learn what it means to be a heroic disgrace by getting the book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Target. You can hear more from Scott through Worship Hero on Facebook and Instagram.

Source: Transparent Media