Rock News Roundup 109

Rock News Roundup 109

Hey rockers and welcome back to this week’s rock news roundup! Check below to see what your favorite rock artists are up to this week.

Seventh Day Slumber just finished shooting a music video for their song “Halos”. However the music video isn’t quite finished yet, as they also want to incorporate the public. They are asking for anyone who wishes to honor loved ones who have passed away to go here to write a message about what you would say to them if you could. More information on that via their facebook post here!

Rock News Roundup 80 - Seventh Day Slumber Announce Unseen Album Details; 7 Hours Left for Exclusive Pre-Order

Collision of Innocence announced they are tracking 3 new songs. You can read up on that and more info here!

Bayless is coming out with a music video for brand new song “Searchlights”. Searchlights comes out on June 17th. Check out this video of Jared explaining more information on that here! Super excited for this one!

New Music: Bayless - Sojourner

Chaotic Resemblance announced they will be releasing a new album soon! Check out their post on that here! If you know anything about CR, you know they proclaim Jesus is King very boldly. I cannot wait to hear these new tunes from them and see what God has laid on their hearts! If you wish to support their ministry, their Paypal is re********@ya***.com and their Venmo is @ChaoticResemblance.

Rock News Roundup

Brian Boyd of Amongst The Giants wrote a very personal and heartfelt post about trauma and mental health. You can check out that post here. Along with that, Amongst The Giants started “Operation Black Box”, which is a movement based on their song “Black Box”(shared below). They are asking their fans to send in their stories about their struggles with anxiety, depression, and/or suicidal thoughts. You can find out more information and give your story here and then check their social media for the stories that have been shared. I love that they are doing this and I’m praying over each story being shared.

Dan Sneigoski announced he will be releasing 3 new cover songs soon! Dan is an artist who does covers for Christian rock songs. A few of you may know of him from his former band STRIA back in the day. Great dude and great music so you should definitely check him out!

Micah Ariss dropped his music video for “What Have I Become” featuring Chandler Burton. Check it out below!

Manafest, Unsecret, and Greylee are releasing a song collaboration they did together called “Teardrops”. You can see Manafest’s post about that here. The music video for it will drop tomorrow morning at 10:00 AM EST. The video is below for when it drops!

Islander is making a music video for their song “It’s Not Easy Being Human” (Featuring Lacey Sturm) and they want the public to take part in it. They are asking us to send in 10 second videos of ourselves on landscape mode (sideways). You can listen to all the information on that here and email them at We***********@gm***.com to send in the video! (I’m definitely going to be taking part myself!!!)

That ends this week’s rock news roundup. I hope you all have a great rest of your week and I hope to see you back here next week! May God bless and keep you all.

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