A random assortment of recent CHH Videos

A random assortment of recent CHH Videos

For full disclosure this article was compiled in the middle of February, so they were “recent” then!

SETH.Music – OPT.

In my first solo project (The Son) I talked about my personal story as a prodigal son returning home. In my last project (Inheritance Conundrum) I’m back, but with a complex of accepting my inheritance. Now, with my new release OPT. It’s time I make my decision and utilize the things God has given me. No matter how important the task is, God never forces us to trust Him. But I’ve learned that anything is possible but this mission is OPTional.

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Eddy Puyol – Listen Now (Spoken Word)

Christ Fellowship in association with Soul Deep Records presents Eddy Puyol “Listen Now” Spoken Word.

With so many noises coming at us every day sometimes it can be hard to hear the voice of God. Eddy Puyol’s spoken word for Christ Fellowship’s “Listen” series helps bring some insight on that. “Listen Now” hones in on how God’s voice will help you choose quiet over commotion and push you towards your purpose and towards His throne.

Nak Daniels – The Goat

Zee – Spiritual Sniper Ft. Bryann T, Young Bro, & Isaiah Saldivar

Zee’s Spiritual Sniper album is out everywhere. Stream it here. Filmed/Edited by RIze N’ Shine Media.

Zee – Him From The Jump

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Coleboy Sedro – BU

“I believe if we come together, lives could be changed and impacted at a higher rate than I could do on my own. I ask you to open your heart to the message as you watch the music video. Ask yourself if this is a message that you would like to see pushed in society today?”

Bryann T – Bible Open

Darrell Dominic “Street Conscience” Volume One

This video is volume one of Darrell Dominic’s Street Conscience series of raps where he takes the mic to the streets and raps his thoughts!

Swaizy – until it falls

Wrestle and Flow – Determined Outcomes

Mogli the Iceburg – hypocrite ft. Eshon Burgundy

Edify- Light Work

Stream or Buy the song here: https://fanlink.to/LightWork