The Hedgerow Folk Release New Single "Come Close (Let Me Hear You Speak)"

The Hedgerow Folk Release New Single “Come Close (Let Me Hear You Speak)”

The Hedgerow Folk, an indie-folk worship band with a heart for contemplative worship, have released their new single “Come Close (Let Me Hear You Speak)”. Their song “Come Close” has become a favorite in live settings over the years as they’ve shared it in living rooms and churches throughout the country. As the band has evolved and changed along the way, so has the song. And the time felt right to give it fresh life.

So today they release “Come Close (Let Me Hear You Speak)” – a new version of this song that is so special to the band. It’s a song of surrender and invitation that the Lord continually uses to draw their own hearts to Him as they share it with others. Their prayer is for listeners to be reminded of the nearness of God through these lyrics and melodies.

The Hedgerow Folk is made up of Jon Myles, Amanda Hammett and Bryant Hains and the three have been working together since 2013. Their heart is to make music that creates space for reflection and prayerful worship. Their debut album, “Come Close” was released in 2014 followed by “Compass” in 2017. Their most recent project, “Worth It All” was a five song EP released in the fall of 2020.

The band does not shy away from discussing the struggles and hardships of life and the faith journey. They are comfortable with lament and actually view it as extremely necessary for experiencing the closeness of God’s presence.

“Come Close (Let Me Hear You Speak)” is now available for streaming and purchase on all digital platforms, alongside their full catalog of work.

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