Trinity releases "Rise Again" video along with Desert Rain album

Trinity releases Rise Again video along with Desert Rain album

Awards-winning, Netherlands-based band Trinity not only releases Desert Rain globally today (Feb. 25) from The Fuel Music, but also releases its “Rise Again” video today as well.

First released in the Netherlands in 2016, and having already received three Dutch, Silver Dove Awards, including “Album Of The Year,” Desert Rain from these “craftsmen of heavenly parties” mixes music styles from all over the world to create a magnetic sound, blending genres into an eclectic music experience that is sweet to the ears and uplifting to the soul. The world-music pop flair of the album was inspired by the band’s travels internationally, jamming with immigrant-musicians wherever they were in time and space. The resulting warm-blooded, passionate rhythms and melodies are steeped with lyrics birthed in real-life stories, all offering hope for a brighter future.

“The older I get and the more I see of this world, the more I feel angry at times, and sad or depressed. A feeling of frustration, empty and haunting that I can’t shake off with cheap answers,” says Trinity’s Elbert Smelt (lead vocals, flutes, saxophone). “This song [“Rise Again”] has this secret in it: resurrection and truth that will ultimately bring the injustice and death to light and to an end.”

The first album released internationally in over two years, Desert Rain precedes a series of new recordings and appearances from Trinity slated for this year. For all the latest news about Trinity, including tour dates, music, videos and more, go to, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Apple Music, YouTube and Spotify.

Source: Hoganson Media