Rock News Round 95 Light45

Rock News Roundup 95

Hey rockers! Before I head out of town to go to a rock show, I couldn’t leave without sharing the newest rock news roundup with you all! So, let’s get started!

Seth Morrison of Skillet shared that he and his wife Hilary are expecting a baby. The baby is due in July and we are so excited for them! Check out the post on it here and don’t forget to congratulate Seth and Hilary!

Relentless Flood‘s new song “Echoes” is out now! You can check it out on youtube below or go here for other ways to listen!

Sometimes in our pain and misery, anything positive in our lives can seem like a lie. Sometimes we let the enemy steal our identity and joy. But our past doesn’t define us. Our mistakes don’t define us. What’s been done to us doesn’t define us. We don’t have to let the enemy echo over and over in our heads of why we need the darkness. It’s okay to let the light back into our lives. It’s okay to let the promises of God give us hope, even in the midst of the storm.

Light45 put out a heavy banger with a beautiful message! The song is called “What Light Remains”, and it’s a song about the prodigal son, from his own perspective. You can check it out below! Some lyrics include “Tried to make it on my own. Each and every time unable. Tell me that I’m not alone. Take me back into my home. Prodigal, so some would say. I need to seek out what light remains“.

If we are all honest with ourselves, we are all some form of prodigal son. We may not all leave the faith or go off the way the bible story tells, but we all at some points in our life decide we are going to do something against the will of God. We are going to do things our way. And as these lyrics say, things never go well for us when we do so. Living our own way only gives us heartache, until we run back to the Father and let Him be in control again. Amen??

Azariah put out a new song called “Fading”. The beginning of the song was a welcome surprise and added to the overall emotions of the song. You feel the heartbreak, especially between the last words spoken and the first words sung. You can check it out below! I’m definitely looking forward to more from her in the future!

The Grizzly Awards is gearing up for their 3rd annual awards show by announcing their voting ballot! You can cast your vote for who you think should win in each category for the next 3 days before the polls close. And as rockers I would urge you all to do so! Go here to cast your vote!

Christian Rock Influencers Make HUGE Announcement
Logo Design: Jarob Bramlett (The Protest)

Zahna announced she set up a patreon account as she starts looking to put out an album without a label. Check out more on that here and go here to sign up for her patreon. There is a lot of really cool perks so make sure to check it out!

November Sky shared their album artwork for their new EP “Out of the Black”. You can check out that artwork and their post about it here. Out of the Black is coming out February 25th!

There are so many reasons I am grateful for this opportunity to write about rock music. One of those reasons is because the editor of JesusWired, Iain (hey Iain, you did say you wanted to be mentioned in this roundup somehow!) will sometimes suggest artists I didn’t know about before. This is one of those times. Brent Tatum just released a new song “Making Me” and I cannot get enough of this song.

With powerful lyrics such as “This year’s been a little hard if I’m honest. But still I choose to hang on to your promise, that you’re not breaking me, you’re only making me. After all these years, now I finally see.” It hits different. Check it out below!

And that concludes this week’s roundup! If you would be so kind as to pray for my travel out of state for Rock on Winter, I would appreciate it. I hope you all have a great rest of your week and I hope to see you back here for the next Rock News Roundup!

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