Rock News Roundup 93

Rock News Roundup 93

Hello rockers and welcome back to Rock News Roundup! Read below to see what your favorite artists are up to this week!

Disciple‘s worship project Honor & Glory announced they are releasing a new single called “Jesus We Love You”. The single is being released tomorrow! Check out their post about that here and then pre-save the single here. I know I have!

Reclaim The Day mentioned they battled covid last week. They are now covid free however and they are working on the last song on their new EP! Check out their post about that here!

The Midnight Wedding is going to release a music video for their song “Set Me Free” featuring Dawn Michelle! Check out their post about it here and be on the look out for news on when it gets released!

Aaron Michaels has a new single to release called “Trust”. Trust will be released on February 25th and you can check out his post about that here.

Azariah‘s new single “Fading” is dropping on February 12th. Check out her post about that here. Let’s hope she doesn’t run in to Thanos before it drops because I’m sure it will be an epic song!

Collision of Innocence is releasing their newest single “Falling to Rise” on February 7th! Check out their post about it here.

Riddle Me This Band has their debut single out now called “Bang! Bang!”. This song is such a crucial part of our Christian rock scene and Christianity in general. I absolutely adore it and I am looking forward to more music from this band. Check out the article about the behind the song here and then check out the song below!

That ends this week’s Rock News Roundup. Thank you all for tuning in and I hope you all have a great rest of your week. See you back here next week!

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