Rock News Roundup 92

Rock News Roundup 92

Hey rockers! It’s that day of the week where we talk about what our favorite rock artists are up to so let’s get started!

Skillet did a collaboration with The Spark for an awesome live recording experience of The Spark’s full album “Ascent”. Check it out below and get your worship on! On another note, I’m excited to note that our friend Cindy Blankenship over at Solid Rock Radio is interviewing John Cooper of Skillet next Monday at 8 PM EST! Check out their post about that here!

The Midnight Wedding announced they will be recording the new album next week! Check out their post about it here and get excited! Along with that announcement I thought you may all want to read this inspiring post they made about how in our darkest moments Jesus is with us. Read the post about that here.

Rusty Shipp released a new single today! Check out their post on that here and go listen to it on your favorite streaming platform via this link. I am in love with this song! “Down in the bottom of the barrel, still your love is bottomless.” <3 If this is only the first single off an upcoming album (which it is), I absolutely cannot wait to hear the rest of the album!

Amongst Wolves has their music video for “Fall Down” premiering tomorrow! Check out their post about it here and tune in to watch it!

Citizen Soldier released their lyric video for new song “Irreplaceable”. This song is so emotionally charged and a song that is meant for the depressed and down-trodden that may be thinking of suicide. The lyrics are legit fire! With lyrics like “I know you may hate your life but that doesn’t change the words you might write, the lives you might save. You choose how misery’s defined, so take this song as a sign and make your pain a saving grace.” Check it out below!

Glasslands shared a teaser video of something that is going down on February 8th. A new album perhaps?!? Check it out here!

November Sky (fka Scarlet White) announced they are releasing their EP on February 25th! You can see their post on that here.

Seventh Day Slumber‘s new album “Death by Admiration” comes out at midnight tonight and ya’ll aren’t ready for it! Check out this album preview below. You can pre-order a physical c.d+ merch here . You can also stream it when it comes out! To add on to the awesomeness, they are also doing an album tour with some amazing bands attached to the bill. The tour will be happening between April and May and they are booking for the tour now. Check out SDS’s post on that tour here!

And that’s all for this week. Come back next week for more news about your favorite rock artists! I love you all so much and thanks for tuning in!

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