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Ian Zumback Releases Hey Jerry Single (Video)

Old Bear Records artist Ian Zumback released his new single Hey Jerry yesterday. The music video can be watched above and the story behind the song can be watched here. The song features Delaney Ramsdell.

Ian Zumback shares…

“I’ve heard elders be referred to as custodians of wisdom.
When I began the process of recording and releasing the song “Hey Jerry,” part of my passion in telling his and our story was to introduce a narrative that counters a subtle social redefining I presently see in America. I’m quietly concerned that in an effort to explore new ideas and encourage change in our society; it seems a concept has taken hold that refuses to accept any ways of the past as a valid way to move forward and an entire overhaul is required that dismisses the voices of our fore-bearers and disallows them an active stake in participating in the progress of our society as a whole. Sure, we’re learning from the mistakes of those that came before us which is vital and necessary. But in our disavowing of the sins of our fathers, are we at times also muzzling age old perspectives that could benefit our progress simply because it originates in the past; and anything past is antiquated, irrelevant, and tonally errant?
Please don’t misunderstand me. I’m for progress. As a father of a teenager, I’m an active listener in hearing the ideas of young people, and trying to learn what is important to them so that I can help support growth and do my best to answer questions that currently exist on the forefront of their minds.
But there is something that young people lack more than our elders and that is a duration of life experience that spans to an extent that gives a vantage point that is able to look back while looking forward that we just can’t see when we’re young. And that knowledge through experiences informs ideas that give birth to wisdom. And wisdom is paramount.
Proverbs says to “get wisdom.” According to the writer, wisdom will protect you and watch over you. It will lead you the right way, and invite honor into your life.
Jerry has a lot of wisdom to share from living. Jerry is also still learning (at 75 he took a college course on philosophy.) I hope by sharing his story through song that we bridge the gap a bit more between generations by taking some old and some new in an effort to move forward together and perhaps perpetuate a new class of custodians of wisdom.”

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