Rock News Roundup 90

Hey rockers! Welcome back to another rock news roundup. See what your favorite rock artists are up to this week!

The Midnight Wedding gave us all some very exciting news. Casey Price of Forsaken Hero is joining the band officially! Check out their post on that here. Congrats Casey!!!

RED is having an online video stream of the entirety of “Until We Have Faces” online for 48 hours starting tomorrow. Check out their post here about it and then go here for more info and the ability to buy a ticket for it.

Seventh Day Slumber is premiering their title track “Death By Admiration” tomorrow! Check out their post here and then pre-save it here.

Ledger is going to be featured in a new single by “The Spark“. The single is called “Never Let Go” and it will be released on January 21st. Check out her post about it here!

LEDGER Releases at home performance of Unreleased song Goner

Matt Sassano released a lyrics video for “Not My Name”. You can check out his post here about it and watch it below! As I’ve said before, this is such a needed song for all of us who don’t fit in!

Ya’ll sometimes when writing these articles I find hidden gems I haven’t heard about before. This is one of those instances. Love Like Gravity released their new album “Break The Silence”. You can listen to it here and buy it here. I promise you, they are worth checking out! This album is amazing!!

Skillet is granting access to behind the tracks for anyone who pre-saves their album “Dominion”! Check out their post about that here and pre-save it here. Panheads ya’ll better get ready, Dominion is releasing tomorrow!

Righteous Vendetta premiered their new single “No Vacancy”. Check it out below!

And that ends this week’s rock news roundup. I will see you all next week. Stay safe and warm!

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