5 videos & songs to get you in the Christmas spirit...after Christmas!

5 videos & songs to get you in the Christmas spirit…after Christmas!

We completely forgot to click publish on this article in the pre-Christmas chaos and we can’t wait until next Christmas to share these videos soooo here you go! Here’s some Christmas videos & songs to get you in the Christmas spirit either late or really early! We know, we’re so kind! (and we also know some of you still have your Christmas decorations up!!!)

If this cosy live performance of Feliz Navidad from MORIAH and her husband Joel Smallbone in their living room for Good Morning America doesn’t get you in the Christmas spirit nothing will! You can watch a behind the scenes video here.

winter gettin colder? Coulda fooled me with this heat! nobigdyl. reminds us what this season is all about, celebrating the reason for the season by showing God’s love to other people. As fire as this is, his Christmas decorations are no match to the Smallbones’!

Speaking of flames, Go Tell someone Flame teamed up with Dee-1 and George.Rose to bring us some hard hitting Christmas music! Seriously, this is Flames.

I’m not really sure what this is but it says SoulBox – Little Drummer Boy so I assume it’s SoulBox singing Little Drummer Boy? (NB. We don’t condone throwing gifts at your loved ones this Christmas!)

aaaaand last but certainly not least…Patthew Marker and Mavvy Parkasaurus. Yep, that’s right, they’re back to Bless us with their genius once again. This time they help you get lost in a Winter Wonderland. They’ve even called it the Really Good Version so you KNOW it’s really good.

We hope you have a lovely Christmas. We hope you HAD a lovely Christmas!