Thriving this year: Climb and Maintain

Thriving this year: Climb and Maintain (Jo’s Devotions)

I came across a video of filmmaker Tyler Perry speaking at Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church on the need to ‘climb and maintain’. I was deeply touched and encouraged by his message. I recommend you go watch it on YouTube.

Regardless of how long you’ve lived on this earth, I’m pretty sure you’ve experienced some sort of turbulent times. Things have gotten so shaky that you felt your whole life crumbling down and you’ve run out of hope to hold on to.

But just as when you fly out in the sky and you get to a point where it’s turbulent, your first instinct would be to find the nearest place to land. But an expert pilot would advise you rather go higher and maintain. Why? Because just a few feet up, it’s super calm and that’s where you get to maintain the pace.

The surface of everything is very fickle; reacts and shakes to every intrusion and when we stick to the superficial stuff, we are easily swayed by every little disturbance. But if we are to rise above every issue by committing it to God in prayer and maintaining the peace we derive by being in God’s presence with worship, we are bound to thrive both in and out of season.

Are you uncertain about the future of your health, career, relationships, finances, children etc.? Turn your worries and anxieties into prayer. Leave it in the hands of the One who actually has the power to do something about your situation of concern.

When you’ve done that, remain in that atmosphere by maintaining a worshipful mood as you go about your day.

As much as it is good to have a set time to pray each day, it is equally helpful to be in a prayerful mood throughout the day. Uttering short prayers of petitions and thanksgiving as you undertake your tasks helps to keep your heart in the right place – hidden in God; away from the life’s circumstances which are eager to steal your joy.

Thus, if it is your heart’s desire to thrive this year, let prayer and worship be a part of you. Climb out of every chaos with prayer and stay above it with worship.

Featured Image credit: Nappy