Rock News Roundup 89 VERIDIA Announce Pain Reliever EP

Rock News Roundup 89

Hey rockers! Welcome to the first rock news roundup of the new year! I am so excited to be back with you all. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Adelaide just released her newest album “What Really Matters”. Check out her post about it here and go to your favorite streaming service to hear it now! Watch below for a lyrics video of the title track of the album. You can also go to her website to buy a physical copy of the album here. Great work like always from her!

Buried Above released their lyric video for “Out of Control”. When I listen to these lyrics it reminds me of how sometimes we don’t want to listen to anyone trying to warn us until we are at the end of our rope. Then we wonder if people have given up on us or if they will still be there to help. Check it out below!

Jenna Parr brought back my teen days but with a rock twist. Jenna covered “Heart Attack” by Demi Lovato. (one of my favorite songs by Demi) Check out the music video below and reminisce with me!

Lacey Sturm released a music video for “Awaken Love”. Ya’ll, I don’t think there are words for the brilliance that this is. The colors, the acting, and the uniqueness of this video is visually astounding! There is definitely a supernatural aspect to the plot and I wonder if we will hear more on that at a later date. I absolutely love how they used the mirrors as a portal to somewhere else! Check it out below.

Manafest released a lyric video for “Forever”. I think we can all feel this one to various degrees. For me I’ve had friendships I thought would last forever. For someone very close to me it’s a marriage ending in divorce. Others it can be about parents. We cannot control how others feel or how they treat us. When people let us down, when they leave us, we still need to run the race God has called us to run. Don’t let people who have hurt you stop you from loving people as God has loved you. Check out the lyric video below!

Veridia is releasing a new song + music video “Pain Reliever” on the 14th. Check out their post about it here and see the amazing lyrics they have shared from the song. These lyrics are heavy but I think many of us feel them in our souls at times.

VERIDIA Announce Pain Reliever EP

Citizen Soldier released their music video for “Unsaid”. Check it out below!

And that ends this week’s rock news roundup. I pray you have all had a great start to the new year! I will see you all next week and stay safe out there in whatever weather you are having right now.

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