Pureflix Presents A Show About Anthem Lights

Pureflix Presents A Show About Anthem Lights

Pureflix presents a show about Anthem Lights…called A Show About Anthem Lights!

Get ready to laugh and sing with the new animated series “A Show About Anthem Lights,” premiering exclusively on Pure Flix on January 12, 2022. The series will feature animated versions of the Anthem Lights band members, Spencer Kane, Joseph Stamper, Caleb Grimm and Chad Graham. Join the guys as they go about everyday activities navigating the ups and downs of life in a boyband … all while singing about it!

Watch the trailer for the show, a whole episode for free and sign up for Pureflix here. You can also watch their Facebook live announcement here. The live includes two large teasers of musical clips from the show at 12:35 and 17:05.

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