Release Radar: 12/10/21

Release Radar: 12/10/21

All of this week’s new releases and videos can be seen here and here respectively (or at least the ones I know about/have time to round up!). Below are some of my highlights which will be updated throughout the day (as will the new release list and video gallery).

Dropped new music or visuals today? Let us know here & here respectively.

Featured Release

Trip Lee’s alive y’all! and his new single is Supernatural! Stream it here.

Notable New Releases

Bizzle enlists the help of his kids on the remix of Fill My Cup and maaaan his kids mean Bizness!

One of the hottest new releases this week dropped on Monday, Rhyan Lamarr’s A Red Guerrila CHRISTmas, Volume 2 EP.

Hannah Schaefer releases the deluxe version of Crown today and this Gregatron remix of Turn My Ship Around is perfection!

Lacey Sturm’s new Awaken Love single is seriously beautiful, as is that cover art!

Skillet release another solid AC radio ready song off their new Dominion album coming in 2022. Stream Refuge here and preorder Dominion here.

Still to Come? Saint Louis takes the party vibes up a level with his new drop.

Thi’sl examines Strange Things on his new song as he has a very real conversation with himself. Stream it here.

Need a gift wrapping soundtrack? The Gangsta Wrapper B-Shoc has you covered.

Notable Music Videos

(Don’t) Help Me, I’m loving this track from ASAP Preach and Brett Raio!

“Are we ready to turn the other cheek? Are we ready to Bless our enemies?”

We Are Messengers’ music comes from deep down in their souls to directly impact our souls. This is as beautiful as those waves crashing against those rocks! Now It’s Our Turn to click play ASAP and soak in this message.

Speaking of music from your soul, Kylie Berry is a new discovery of mine over recent weeks and this music video for Survival is as visually stunning as the song needed it to be.

Maddie Rey puts us in the Christmas spirit with the music video for her Christmas single This Christmas. Watch out for our interview with Maddie Rey being posted later today.

Something I Slept On Last Week

I honestly can’t stand many Christmas music releases but I don’t mind this one! Here’s Elvis E and Triple O’s Hark The Herald.


It’s hammer time!

I hope these roundups introduce you to a few new artists each week. I’m aiming to have these up as early on release days as possible in future weeks/update them as the day goes on.

If you know of any releases I’ve missed on the new releases list or any videos in the video gallery, let me know in the comments below/send us a DM on social media/use the links at the top of the article. Want to come on board and help us cover more on new release days, or any other day for that matter, please contact us and read more information here (we’re looking for tons of new writers currently, I can’t cover everything!).

I hope everyone reading this has a great weekend, and I’ll see you next Friday for the next roundup.