DorothyAnne releases joy-filled “Best Day Ever,” a song celebrating family and friends

DorothyAnne releases joy-filled “Best Day Ever,” a song celebrating family and friends

Texas-based singer songwriter Dorothy Anne has released new song “Best Day Ever,” a perfectly timed infusion of joy for celebrating time with family and friends this season. You can get “Best Day Ever” on Spotify and Apple Music.

The sunny, upbeat track led by Dorothy Anne’s dynamic vocals is a song of redemption for the singer. “As far as the song inspiration, I was about to celebrate a big birthday in 2020, and I was planning to have a big party. My only wish for gifts was to have my very best friends and closest family at the event,” she explains. “But then COVID hit, and everything was cancelled.”

Facing the cancellation was especially discouraging given that Dorothy Anne had penned a song specifically to be shared at the celebration. Taking that disappointment and turning it around, she’s releasing the song now as an expression of gratitude rather than regret: “‘Best Day Ever’ was written for my most cherished friends and family. It’s a song about celebrating friendship and all the great times together.”

To craft the pop gem, Dorothy Anne called on the help of Dallas-based producer and musician Aves Noir. The result is a heartfelt song with a sound in the tradition of artists like Britt Nicole and Lauren Daigle. “We wrote the song together over Zoom in real time,” DorothyAnne recalls. “I recorded my vocals at home, and sent it over to him. Then he did his magic at his home studio.”

That writing process fit well into Dorothy Anne’s busy life. As a mom of 6 with another child on the way, the singer’s family is one of her greatest sources of joy. “My kids fill my life with so much fun and joy. I truly feel like I’m living my dream come true,” she admits.

That close family bond was present in her family of origin as well; Dorothy Anne moved from the Philippines to America when she was 3 years old, fleeing political unrest. That Filipino heritage weaves its way through her life and her music career, with past song “The Sun Rises” dedicated to her home country after they experienced devastation from a typhoon in 2013. “I’ll always have a heart for my birth country, and still be grateful for growing up in America,” she shares. ‘It’s my home now, and I’m so blessed to have become a naturalized citizen since moving here.”

Dorothy Anne’s own gratitude for the gift of family and community is an open invitation for listeners to recognize the same blessings in their own life. 

“I want people to feel happy, think of their favorite people and cherish and celebrate the ones they love most,” Dorothy Anne concludes. “My goal is always to touch lives and encourage hearts.”

You can get “Best Day Ever” on Spotify and Apple Music. Keep up with Dorothy Anne at, and on Facebook and Instagram.

Source: Mary Nikkel Media