Rottweiler Records releases volume 9 of annual "Fleas Naughty Dog" compilation

Rottweiler Records releases volume 9 of annual “Fleas Naughty Dog” compilation

Vol. 9 of Fleas Naughty Dog is out now, Rottweiler Records’ yearly collection of Christmas tracks.

The sole purpose of this project is celebrating life, the REAL “reason for the season”, worldwide music scene unity regardless of musical style, and having a ton of fun in the process. Some songs are quite serious and reverent, some songs are silly and fun, and some are just well…let’s call them unique. In totality this eclectic group of artists represents a small fraction of the creativity of God’s people, in some small way mirroring His divine creativity.

Track Listing:
1) You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out – Christmas, Christmas!
2) Wisdom & Wages – Joy To The World
3) Kardia Complex – Misfit Toys
4) Wretched Graverobber – Merry Xmas Everybody
5) Krig – Lies of Santa Claus
6) 2 Minute Minor – Snoopy’s Christmas
7) Leper – Away In A Manger
8 ) Mangled Carpenter – Christmas All Around
9) Johnofomaha – O Come Emanuel
10) Dystopian Futures – Stop the Cavalry
11) Dispraised – Ancient Of Days
12) Darkhorse Hero – This Day
13) Sloths In A Bucket – Heavy Metal Christmas
14) They Act Human – A Trve Christmas Carol