Quick News 31

Quick News 31

Tasha Layton and Riley Clemmons are both performing at home interactive concerts this week with ahex. Tasha’s takes place in two days time, and Riley’s in four days.

B.Cooper returns with In Your Will this Friday, the first of two new songs before the year’s out.

Philippa Hanna’s also riding in with Little Donkey this Friday.

Guvna B’s fire is about to glow brighter after signing a publishing deal with Martin Smith’s Gloworks Publishing.

Shiny Penny are asking for a few of your shiny pennies to help fund their new album. You can back it here.

Rare of Breed is about to hit me and many others deep with I Got A Friend featuring Loren Day.

and we end with A Past Unknown teaming up with Then It Ends for a great new version of What If You’re Wrong!