Ty Brasel shares 'Destiny: Vol. 1' mixtape

Ty Brasel shares ‘Destiny: Vol. 1’ mixtape

Ty Brasel intends to skyrocket with his new project Destiny: Vol. 1. Available now, the 13-track mixtape glides off the impact of his GMA Dove Award nominated album The Divine Storm HERE, which accumulated more than 5 million streams across all streaming platforms. Destiny: Vol. 1 is jam-packed with moving anthems that examine pain and purpose. Celebrated for his poignant rap lyrics, Ty flawlessly rehashes his journey over rhythmic beats with hazy synth melodies inspired by his Memphis upbringing.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been as excited for a release as much as I am for this mixtape,” says Ty. His Instagram page erupted with more than 5.4K likes and over 300 comments when he announced Destiny: Vol. 1 late Sunday evening. The mixtape magnifies his prowess as a prominent rapper within Christian hip-hop. “I don’t feel any pressure, and I just feel confident in where the music is at so I’m thankful for that.”

Destiny: Vol. 1 provides encouragement, inspiration, and good vibes. Each track highlights a specific theme that encapsulates the significance of the mixtape. Developed at the dawn of a global pandemic, Destiny: Vol. 1 is filled with fervor comparable to protestors marching at the peak of 2020. Heavily inspired by rap artists like Kendrick Lamar, Ty’s candid introspection is a deliberate tactic to reassure listeners that it’s ok to fall, but rise up.

“With this project I wanted to give people music to inspire and motivate them in their life journey,” he says. “I  just want them to walk away in better spirits after listening. I think the music is fun, energetic and feels good so I wanted to pass that energy on to the listeners.”

“On Me”, is a feel-good, high-energy song that goes beyond the surface conceptually to explore the idea of navigating the weight and responsibility of your life calling. Tracks like “Amazing” and “All I Got” are testimonies of what is gained through hard work. Another stand-out track entitled, “Right My Wrongs” features Ty’s labelmate Jay-Way, who energizes the song with smooth melodies. Destiny: Vol. 1 features a host of Ty’s creative cronies such as Parris Chariz, J Monty, 1K Phew, and more. Overall, the mixtape is a cohesive piece of music by a rapper that takes pride in honesty and resilience.

“I feel like every artist featured on Destiny: Vol. 1 fit perfectly into the song and world they were a part of.” I chose them based on who I felt would merge into the song well – plus, I’m a fan of their music. This was fun for me,” he adds.

Today’s mixtape release is out via IVAV, a division of Curb | Word Entertainment. For updates and more information about Ty Brasel please refer to the social media links below.

Destiny: Vol. 1 tracklisting:

  1. Volume 1

  2. On Me Ft. Jenna Wright

  3. Amazing

  4. Shine Ft. Parris Chariz

  5. Right My Wrongs Ft. Jay-Way

  6. Kam’s Poem (Interlude) Ft. Plan G

  7. All I Got

  8. 4 The Stars Ft. J. Monty

  9. Paradise (Interlude)

  10. Halo

  11. Call Me Up

  12. Chances Ft. 1K Phew

  13. Destiny

Source: Garden State Hip Hop

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