Rock News Roundup 83 + A Mammoth Video Roundup from 2019

Rock News Roundup 83

Welcome back rockers! If I haven’t said it enough, I truly appreciate every single one of you who take the time to read these roundups. Let’s get started!

Reclaim The Day announced their drummer Alex will no longer be with the band. You can see their statement about that here. We wish you all the best Alex!

Collision of Innocence is hard at work while creating a new song called “Falling to Rise”. Check out their post about it here and then keep checking their socials for news as to when it will release.

Bayless dropped their lyric video for their brand new epic song “Sojourner”. It’s a song about how this world is not our home and how we long to get there while we go through trials in this life. Check it out below. It’s definitely a song I will be blasting in my car a lot!

Where are all my metalheads at? Wolves At The Gate announced new album “Eulogies”. Eulogies is out on March 11th, 2022. Check out their post about it here and pre-order it here!

Amongst Wolves premiered a music video for their song “Voices”. Voices is a song off of new album “Choose To Live” which came out last month. Regardless of how many times I hear this song, it still gives me chills because of how encouraging the lyrics are. We all are our own worst enemies and the voices in our head want us to give up. Don’t listen to them. Choose to live and choose to keep fighting those voices. Check the music video out below! Also: If you are thinking of suicide please go here to get help! Each and every one of you are loved more than you could possibly imagine.

3 Days Under announced their new song “Shadows” will be premiered on November 15th. Check out their post about it here. It’s going to be an amazing song, no doubt!

Bloodgood gave us some incredibly sad news. Their drummer, Kevin Whisler, has passed away. You can check out their posts with more info here, here, and here. We are so sorry for those who were close to him and we pray God’s peace will come upon them and give them comfort. We can find hope in the knowledge that everyone who belongs to Christ will one day see each other again.

The Way of Cain released their debut song “Redemption”. To me the song is about how we should have repentance from sins and let Jesus guide us. We should have a relationship with the Almighty God and strive after His ways. Not just hold a belief that there is a God out there somewhere. Check out their lyric video for it below and let us know what you think!

And that’s all for this week. I love you all so much and I hope to see ya’ll back here next week!

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