New Music: Bayless - Sojourner

New Music: Bayless – Sojourner

Bayless release their new single Sojourner today.

“The definition of a Sojourner is a temporary resident. Sojourner is the cry of every believer at their core. We know this world is temporary, but we often forget it in the pleasures of this world. God blesses us with some awesome things in this life that we get to experience. We also face many trials and burdens that we must endure on this side of heaven. But, we are called to hold loosely to this world and especially in times like these. It is that inner cry and longing to be in heaven, to be home. It is our reminder that the longing we seek and the disconnect we feel with this world, no matter how much happiness it brings us, is not our home. We are sojourners, exiled from this life, heirs to the throne. Our hope is not in a government or a country or a job or a spouse or a relationship. We are running home and cannot wait to be called there. But until that day, we will endure this world and continue to keep our eyes focused on the prize of heaven and salvation. Our wandering as sons and daughters of this world is temporary and we should all be thankful for that. One day we will sing “Hallelujah. God be praised.” But not yet. Not until we are called home. So let our hearts ache for relief and let it be a reminder to hold loosely to the treasures of this world -which dissolve and fade away-and focus on the treasures of heaven, which will never fade and will last forever.” – Jared & Vanessa Bayless

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