Dream Christmas Vol. 6 Releases October 29th

An Inside Look at DREAM Christmas Volume 6: Part 2

The most wonderful time of the year is coming and as we get ready to celebrate the birth of our Savior the folks at Dream wanted to bring in the good vibes by releasing Volume 6 in the Dream Christmas series. Featuring Chris Cron, All Creatures, Futures, Neon Feather and Landry Cantrell, the EP is out now!

I connected with all the artists involved with the project to find out a little bit more about their involvement with it. Read the first part here and check back on Monday for the final part.

Tell us a bit about your song on the project

All Creatures

“[the night the sky joined in]” really started with just that title. Chris (the singer) sent Ben (the producer) that title idea and Ben worked up an instrumental demo, to which Chris ran with writing the vocals. We just wanted it to spark that sense of hope and joy that comes after a long period of silence and waiting.

Chris Cron

This song is called “Christmas, I’m Not Ready” and it’s about slowing down, to not miss the miracle that’s already right there in front of you. I wanted this song to ebb and flow in a more natural way, so I purposefully didn’t record to a click. I also wanted it to be very small and intimate until the moment in the lyric where the miracle is finally seen, so it’s mostly piano and vocal until that point. Then the band kicks in. We had a fall party at our house and I quickly ran a microphone out to the living room and asked everyone to sing the “hallelujah” part. Everyone was in good spirits and I think that translated onto the recording.

Danae Leslie (Futures)

Rewind to a quiet summer’s night in 2020 and you’ll find me with my acoustic guitar, sitting on the floor of my living room, humming “glo-o-o-o-o-ria” to no-one in particular! Hark the Herald Angels Sing and Angels We Have Heard on High are two of my favorite Christmas carols, and I was determined to hear what a song inspired by both of those classics would sound like. Occasionally the writing process of a song will feel like unwrapping a present (no pun intended) from heaven and Angels was one of those rare cases. The lyrics all fell into place really quickly and I sat on the initial demo of the full song for almost a year before asking Chloe Evans and Misha Kopeikin, 2 of my best friends and crazy-talented writers in their own right, to sing on the final version. One of our producers Mark Griffiths is also in Australia where they live, so he worked his magic down there and did an incredible job — the vocal layers really do sound angelic! I love that our team is able to collaborate (shout out to zoom) across 10,000 miles from Atlanta, USA to Adelaide, AUS and bring songs like this to life, they truly are the best and I’m so grateful for them.

Neon Feather

“This Is My Son” is one of the few songs I’ve ever written completely on my own. I wanted to draw parallels between the beginning and end of Jesus’ time on earth- showing Christ’s story as both son of man (Mary) and son of God. I was stoked to have Seph Schlueter be willing to feature on it- he brought the perfect raw emotion to the song.

Landry Cantrell

My song on the project is called “Last Christmas With You”. We lost my grandma 2 years ago right before the holidays. I think that there has been enough distance between what happened and now that my brain has kind of filtered out the bad and for the first time I’m able to start remembering the good memories. My son is 1 year old, and it just hit me one day that if he is ever going to know my grandma, it’s going to be because we kept her memory alive. I instantly felt the weight of that responsibility to pass down the memories of loved ones to my son. Writing this song was incredibly healing for me, and I hope that it can be the same for someone else.

Be sure to check back on Monday for part 3.

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