Quick News 30 - I Don't Give A Woah

Quick News 30 – I Don’t Give A Woah

I Don’t Give A Woah what you’re doing but y’all need to listen to Dante Pride’s new single right now. It’s hype (as the cool kids say!).

And now a few other bits I give a ‘Woah’ about…

Xander Sallows & Nitro X release Not Here For That on Friday. We’re here for this!

Hollyn shares some thoughts on the imagery behind her sophomore album Holy Rebellion out tomorrow.

S.O. & Konata Small are Level(ing) Up on their new EP out tomorrow. Whole Team WInning last week had that adrenaline pumping and I’m seriously pumped for midnight to hit tonight!

It was only a Matter of Time until I mentioned Henrik’s new track! Go and stream this now!

Canon returns tomorrow with Narcoleptik! My headphones are about to actually explode tomorrow! There’s gonna be some fire in my ears

Speaking of fire in our body parts, is that Fire In Your Eyes? I guess we’ll find out November 19th courtesy of Martin Smith

and we finish as we always should, by leaving it at the cross. Jenn Bostic’s Leave It At The Cross music video premieres at 9am CST tomorrow…and it’s about to wreck us!