EXCLUSIVE: MŌRIAH on forging the vulnerable "LIVE From The Quarry" EP

EXCLUSIVE: MŌRIAH on forging the vulnerable “LIVE From The Quarry” EP

Seven years ago, Mōriah Peters Smallbone released her sophomore album Brave. Today, she is back as a solo artist – unsigned, unstoppable and ready to shatter the ceiling of Christian Music. In this exclusive interview, Mōriah chats to Jesus Wired’s Jessica Morris about her EP LIVE From The Quarry. She opens up about writing, producing and living out a fiercely vulnerable EP. All the while, she is graciously forging a path for upcoming Mexican American musicians.

Mōriah’s LIVE From The Quarry EP releases December 3rd, with the 3rd song Worth featuring her husband Joel Smallbone releasing this Friday, October 29th. Our review of the EP will be posted in the week of the EP’s release.

Pre-save Worth ft. Joel Smallbone here

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