Watch: Riley Clemmons Performs Stuck Inside My Head on The Today Show & for SHEIN X

Watch: Riley Clemmons Performs Stuck Inside My Head on The Today Show & for SHEIN X (& Other Updates)

Fast rising pop artist Riley Clemmons has been busy lately, mostly promoting her Stuck Inside My Head single off her sophomore album Godsend. First she performed it at the Shein X virtual fashion show. You can watch the performance below and find out more about the event in our article here. How awesome is it to see her performing at the SHEIN X fashin show alongside artists like The Chainsmokers and others?!

Riley Clemmons also performed Stuck Inside My Head on the October 18th edition of NBC’s The Today Show last week. You can read more about that here and watch the color-coordinated performance from The Capitol Building here.

Less than four months after releasing her sophomore album Godsend, Riley Clemmons released her new uplifting single For The Good. Find out more information and watch the lyric video in the article below.

Riley continues to release short videos of her singing silly songs about everyday life we can all relate to. Songs so far have included endlessly scrolling at bedtime, the bottomless pit of laundry (& the ever annoying odd-sock shenanigans each time!), and the viral one which started it all off, not washing her hair for four days. Now it’s the turn of sitting in her car long after she’s arrived home. What’s next? Accidentally leaving the house in her slippers? Forgetting to change her sheets? Snoozing her alarm and blaming traffic for being late? Follow her on Instagram or TikTok to find out!

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