Natalie Grant shares about her road to founding an anti-human trafficking nonprofit

Natalie Grant shares about her road to founding an anti-human trafficking nonprofit

Natalie Grant recently offered the Trevor Talks podcast a personal account of her journey founding anti-human trafficking nonprofit Hope For Justice. The organization recently was a key player in passing new legislation around labor trafficking in the United States.

Natalie Grant has been one of the most consistent and crucial voices in faith-based music in recent decades, garnering 8 GRAMMY nominations and myriad Dove Awards (an event she has also hosted). But when she first started to hear about the issue of human trafficking, her heart was stirred and moved. Without knowing anything about the human rights crisis, she began educating herself into action.

“It’s scary to take a step when you don’t know what you’re doing,” Natalie recalls of those early days. “You don’t have to be an expert, you just have to be willing. When you’re willing, it’s amazing what God can do through your life.”

In 2014, that willingness resulted in Hope For Justice, an organization that Natalie cofounded. Since then, the organization has grown into a worldwide network of experts who are combating human trafficking through prevention and awareness, rescue operations, and restorative aftercare services. Most recently, they drafted key sections of the Frederick Douglass Trafficking Victims Prevention and Protection Reauthorization Act of 2021, legislation that introduces a zero-tolerance policy for federal agencies when it comes to human trafficking in supply chains.

All of this big change has been accomplished through small steps of faithfulness, despite the obstacles: “The overnight success is not building what it takes to sustain it for the long haul. You actually need the setbacks. You need the hardships. You need the valleys. We learn more about the character of God in the valleys than we ever will on the mountaintops.”

That’s a perspective that Natalie Grant has held onto through challenges in her own personal life as well, including surviving cancer that threatened her vocal cords. Her work with Hope For Justice is part of the way she continues to focus on what actually matters. “Singing was never the purpose, it was just the tool. And God has lots of tools,” she freely admits.

More of that personal story has recently been shared through Natalie’s latest book, Dare to Be, written in collaboration with her ministry partner Charlotte Gambill. The book is available everywhere now.

You can listen to the full conversation with Natalie Grant on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Learn more about Hope For Justice at and on Facebook and Instagram.

Source: Transparent Media Co