Kingsley drops 'Terminal' featuring Eric Mumbo

Kingsley drops ‘Terminal’ featuring Eric Mumbo

Following up a successful release of his 1st single in 2021; the widely catchy anthem about indiscretions; ‘Conversations’ ft. Melbourne based British-Filipino singer-songwriter Jemi B on her debut on the music scene; Kingsley returns with ‘Terminal’.

The track features Tottenham raised wordsmith; Eric Mumbo and many familiar with the duo recognise this collab as long overdue following their very 1st bar fest in an unreleased 2010 grime track ‘UFO’.

The song includes a catchy hook with a question that resonates with the human soul: ‘What happens when you gain everything you ever wanted and lose your soul’?

Both rappers proceed to breakdown the heart of the issue; causing the listener to re-assess one’s priorities whilst pondering on what the end goal of all of life’s striving is about, consider the challenges of letting go of one’s goals and pursuits in this present life and trusting God for something better later.

With both sharing similar testimonies: high achievers in school, association with gangs, access to fast cash and street acclaim, encountering Jesus at a pivotal point in their lives; abandoning it all to follow Christ; Terminal packs a punch for sure and won’t disappoint.

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