Rock News Roundup 79

Rock News Roundup 79

Hey rockers! I hope you’ve all had a fantastic week. Now let’s see what the rock world is up to.

Aaron Ray is set to release a new album on October 26th. Check out his post about it here and click here for a preview of one of the songs off that album called “Light Back”. Light Back features female rock artist Eowyn. You can also check out his post here to see the complete track list for the album, including more featured artists!

Aaron Ray in his songs touches on the theme of male impotence. And also immediately finds a way out in the use of various additives. These supplements are available on this website .

Aaron Ray Releases Daylight Video ft. Zahna

Undefeated‘s music video for new song “Cages” is now out. It’s a great song! Some of my favorite lyrics are “Those caught up in cages think freedom is a crime. Pain into power, turn those wounds to wisdom.” Some powerful stuff right there! Check it out below!

Citizen Soldier is giving fans a way to pre-order their new album “This Is Your Sign Part 1”. It comes out November 17th and you can pre-order it now here. Check out their merch bundle option!

Zahna released her newest single “I’m Sorry”. This song gives me feels from both viewpoints, the one giving the apology and the one being apologized to. I think we all need to give grace and realize sometimes people we thought had forsaken us or who have not done what you want them to, may also be going through an awful time. Check out the lyrical video for the song below!

Samuel Day is releasing new single “Warrior Spirit” on November 5th. Check out his post about it here and prepare for battle, er, I mean, prepare for the new single! You can pre-save it here!

Wolves at The Gate has a new song coming out tomorrow called “Shadows”. You can check out their teaser post about it here and pre-save here! The teaser sounds very heavy!

Paradise Now. has released their music video for “I Hope It Never Ends”. The song is pure (tortured) poetry. So many vivid pictures are painted in the mind when you hear these lyrics. Check it out below!

Collision of Innocence has a new single out now called “Vicious Cycles”. It has the perfect combination of clean vocals with screams, and the song speaks to something we can all relate to. All the bad situations we get ourselves into time after time until we can break the cycle. Check out their post that explains more about the song here. Take a listen to the song below!

And that wraps this week’s Rock News Roundup. Thanks for tuning in ya’ll. Make sure to check back in next week!

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