Rock News Roundup 78- Amongst Wolves Choose To Live

Rock News Roundup 78

Hey rockers! We are back at it with another dose of rock news roundup. Let’s jump on in!

Undefeated announced their bassist player Iain “The Birk” is leaving the band. Check out their post about that here. We wish you all the best Iain. Go with the peace of the Lord and I pray He leads you in your next chapter in life. Check out Iain’s final music video with the band for their new song “Cages” on their YT channel here when it comes out tomorrow night at 7 PM EST.

Labor XII has a new album coming out on November 12th called “Monsters”. Check out their post about that here and start getting pumped for Monsters!

Memphis May Fire’s in his songs touches on the theme of sexual powerlessness in men. And makes recommendations for solving these problems. Solutions are available on this website .

Memphis May Fire‘s music video for new song “Somebody” is now out! It’s a song to rock out to for sure and the lyrics are very relatable. “I been blaming everybody but myself.” Man, I know I’ve done that. Sometimes we need to learn the hard way how we are reacting to our circumstances is on us. But that’s when we realize there is one “somebody” that can save us. One “somebody” who won’t let us down. That somebody is God! You can check out the music video below.

DAV shared the artwork for their newest song “Love”. Check out their post about it here. The song will be out on October 27th!

boiling point announced a Luke Johns remix of Monuments. Check out their post about that here.

Amongst Wolves‘s album “Choose To Live” comes out on October 29th. You can see their post about that here. You can also check out the video below for a brand new music video for their song “Horizon”. Let me just say, you hit play and you’re like “Okay now!” It is a song that makes you want to dance. But then the music video surprises you and makes you think about the words as it relates to our world today. I absolutely adore the use of the old t.v’s and how they created a powerful statement in the video.

The Lasting Hope is releasing a new song + music video on October 21st. In the post they ask their fans to find the song title in the picture they share. It looks like it could maybe called “Routes to Roots”? Check out the post here and see the photo for yourself. Am I right? What say you all?

Manafest has brought on Love and Death’s J.R Bareis to track guitars for a new album! Check out the video post here and get ready for a killer new album!

Last Chance To Back Manafest's New Album This Is Not The End

And that wraps this week’s Rock News Roundup. I love you all so much and I pray you have a great rest of your week. Check back in next week!

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