Video Roundup - What If?

Video Roundup – What If?

What If life gives you lemons? Well Da’ T.R.U.T.H. and D’Shondra will make you Lemonaid. (and what if I’m going to start a video roundup with an audio only “video”?!!)

Dillon Chase has Already Won so What If he’s performing it from his garage?!

What if I told you a 12+ minute video will pass by in a blink? This is 12 minutes of absolute holy spirit goodness from Chandler Moore and Justin Bieber. Here’s Jireh (You Are Enough) / How He Loves.

(Justin’s Our World film releases October 8th on Amazon prime)

Considering this is one of my favorite songs of the year, it’s an absolute tragedy I haven’t promoted the lyric video on the site yet. So let’s see to that, shall we? The authentic introspection of her faith in What If is why Rachael Lampa is such a treasure.

I once listened to this song on repeat for close to 2 hours on a train journey to see family, and every time I listen to it, it takes me back to sitting on the floor of the train station leant against a wall just questioning everything about my faith. All the while feeling God’s supreme peace flooding throughout me, and the hubbub of the busiest station in this country happening around me on a dreary afternoon. It was a beautiful moment I hope I never forget!

What If you were to choose life over lies? instead of the other way round. Ben from SoulBox airs out his heart in the deep 6ft track.

What If promoting the above track suddenly reveals an album you completely missed? Well you include it straight away of course. Here’s the beautiful Home ft. Joel Whitewood off HAYDN’s storms and serenity album (stream the full album here).

What If it’s a Sweet Ever After you’re after? Ellie Holcomb and Bear Rinehart have your backs. Just listen to those voices! How sweet and juicy are they? Goodness me, what if I could sing like that? (or at all really!)

What If we could all be bridges to each other? Cameron James asks that exact question in her new single The Bridge. She says, “Excited “The Bridge” is out today available on all digital music platforms?? Thank you @nickschwarz5 for co-writing and producing. This song was conceived in April of last year when grocery shelves were running out and tensions were high. I wanted to write an antidote to the fear and panic. To reinforce the notion that if we treated others’ needs as important as our own, we would all be taken care of. I believe with all my heart that we can be bridges so others can cross over. We all have something we can give and giving is the greatest legacy we could ever hope to achieve. Hope this touches your heart.

What if we were to look for the beauty when the tears fall and see that God is Good? Francesca Battistelli asks that in her first single in a while.

I don’t spend much time in the often over-saturated, (almost) everything-sounds-the-same Adult Contemporary world at all but there’s the odd authentic artist and hidden gem in there. Anne Wilson’s debut song has really caught my eye and has featured A LOT in my music video playlists while I’ve done music work lately. So what if we finish this roundup by opening our hearts and minds as we listen to Anne telling us about My Jesus? What if we finished reading this article in a better place than we started? That is, ultimately, one of the main points of Christian music. What if we go away with our eyes fixed on Jesus? What if…