Exclusive: Adelaide Premiere Masquerade Music Video

Exclusive: Adelaide Premiere Masquerade Music Video

At 12pm est today rockers Adelaide will officially premiere their much anticipated cinematic music video for Masquerade on YouTube. We’ve partnered with Adelaide to bring you a little extra exclusive information about the song ahead of the music video’s premiere.

Adelaide says, “The song Masquerade is a wakeup call to the Church. In essence, it’s telling us to stop dancing with the world and chasing the thrones herein. To stay focused on our mission to share the Gospel and be the light of the earth. In the end, we will all face judgement and our “masks” will fall before a holy and righteous God.”

Be sure to join the band for the premiere of the Masquerade music video at 12pm est via the link below. Share this article with your friends before (or even after!) the premiere to share this great cinematic music video and message with as many people as possible.

The music video was shot and directed by fellow rockers Bayless.

Masquerade appears on Adelaide’s 2019 album Strong + Brave. Our review of the album can be read here, and the album can be picked up here.

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