CHH Video Roundup - Cool Heat

CHH Video Roundup – Cool Heat

KB literally brings the heat with his latest single/video Worship In The Moshpit…in the form of a flamethrower. Yes, I said a flamethrower!

What’s your NXT MOVE when you’re too hot after so much heat? You apply an Ice Pack of course. The NXT MOVE crew ironically bring the heat with ICE PACK. This is cold! OK, I’ll stop. (but only after telling you to pick up their It Has To Be God EP out today ASAP!)

Mission brings us that west coast heat By The Bay.

Soulbox introduce their new 2 person lineup & the New Me in a cool way

Mars Era, Twixxy & High Sunday have sweat dripping down their faces from the Impossible heat.

You can’t have a ‘Cool Heat’ video roundup without mentioning the cool flow of Aha Gazelle. In fact, you Never Lose when you do so!

Aaron Cole (& J Moss) be like you can’t Leave Me out of this roundup. We got you Aaron! (2 Up 2 Down album drops Oct 15th)