Oba Reengy Releases "Don't Leave (Remix) (feat. Royce Lovett)

Oba Reengy Releases “Don’t Leave (Remix) (feat. Royce Lovett)

Today, Oba Reengy releases the remix version of his single “Don’t Leave” featuring hip hop artist Royce Lovett (Paravel / DREAM) available at all digital retail outlets. The Afrobeat track was co-written by Oba Reengy, TBabz and Royce Lovett and was produced by TBabz. Oba shares more of what the track means to him.

“Don’t Leave” is about me needing God in everything that I do and going through. It is so easy to forget God when things are going great, so I wrote Don’t Leave to remind not just myself, but also fellow Christians that in our ups and downs whether it be in the music industry (as in my case), or just in our spiritual journey, always remember that we need God by our side always.

Listen or buy “Don’t Leave” (Remix) (feat. Royce Lovett)” here

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Source: DREAM Records