Quick News 28 - Air Traffic Control

Quick News 28 – Air Traffic Control

Andy Mineo’s new project is destined to Never Land II next week, having been delayed for one week due to some unforeseen turbulence. It’ll now drop 9/24/21. You can pre-save the project here.

Off the back of that, there’s been some confusion as to exactly when the new Alvin Marquis single actually lands. Please check your flight information on your tickets (A.K.A. Alvin’s instagram) to ensure you board the correct flight (just go with it alright?!).

This song from King D and Angie Rose does have Freedom to land this Friday though. You can pre-save your “tickets” here.

If all Signals are to be believed, Matthew Parker returns to his early EDM sound this Friday.

Corey Wise is getting Restless waiting for his project to take flight October 8th. Pre-order & pre-save your “tickets” here.

There’s less time to kill until the new single Beautiful World from Saintz lands September 24th. And it sounds like they’re bringing the party with them!

We trust in the head Air Traffic Controller because He Is Good! Right Judah. & John Van Deusen?! This song has already arrived, meet it outside the arrivals lounge here.