Exclusive Premiere: Trampolines and David Zach Amplify Love Over Hate in Come Alive Video

Exclusive: Trampolines & David Zach Come Alive In New Video

Don’t wait till the next life to reflect Light, the best time is Right Now

We’re stoked to bring you the exclusive premiere of Trampolines’ new music video for their latest single Come Alive. The single and video both feature David Zach from the well respected counter-trafficking band Remedy Drive.

Trampolines share, “Come Alive was written to encourage our friends in the Church not to miss the opportunities we have everyday here on earth to reflect God’s love for us. We feel that Earth is not just a waiting room in the lobby of Heaven but a place to be proactive. In a world of “You’re going to Hell” billboards and condemning bullhorn messages, we want to represent the new street preachers and push past hate and judgement, with love. We collaborated with David Zach from Remedy Drive because we share a similar heart for international mission work outside of the music industry. Everyone should check out what he is doing with non-profit organization The Exodus Road. Special thanks as well to our co-writer Dennis Cook for helping us tell the story and communicate that there’s gotta be more to life than Sundays in our suits and ties!”

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