The Forgotten Pandemic - New Documentary on Opioid Addiction

The Forgotten Pandemic – New Documentary on Opioid Addiction

Tomorrow, on International Overdose Awareness Day, S2L Recovery is honored to release THE FORGOTTEN PANDEMIC to audiences everywhere. This compelling documentary sheds light on how opioid addiction has quietly become a pandemic in the U.S. as well as stories of hope and freedom through Christ-centered recovery. Created by S2L Studios, pre-orders for THE FORGOTTEN PANDEMIC can be found here: THEFORGOTTENPANDEMIC.COM
“During the Covid pandemic, we started to see a change where documentaries were becoming very popular and starting significant conversations in our culture,” shares Pastor Adam Comer, CEO of S2L Recovery. “It got us thinking and we just wanted to be obedient and answered the call to create a documentary on the pandemic of opioid addiction.  We wanted to bring a very dark issue into the light and give much needed hope to both those struggling with any form of addiction as well as the people who love them.”
THE FORGOTTEN PANDEMIC is a 45 minute, short documentary featuring doctors, EMTs, pastors, counselors, family members, and leaders in recovery sharing their personal stories of freedom. A few of the voices featured in the project include: Grammy-Winning Christian Artist Zach Williams, Mark Hall from Casting Crowns, Best-selling author Dr. Neil Anderson, Knox County Mayor and former pro-wrestler Glenn Jacobs, and the Pastor of Long Hollow Baptist Church Robby Gallaty.
In 2020, The CDC reports that drug overdose deaths reached a record high of 93,331. This number was a staggering 29.4% increase from the previous year. Synthetic opioids were involved in more than 60% of those deaths.  (
In the film, Comer shares, “Now the great surge in this addiction pandemic came through people becoming addicted to opiates. These opiates are made by the pharmaceutical companies.  What sound-minded person really believes that the answer to the pandemic is just more drugs made by the same pharmaceutical companies?”
Since 2006, S2L Recovery has given hope to men ages 18-65 who are struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. A Christian-based addiction recovery residential care facility, the 501(c)3 non-profit is a ‘come as you are’ holistic program that covers all aspects of recovery care: biblical teaching, recovery coaching, medical and clinical care, recovery skills classes, peer and pastoral-led counseling.  Students enjoy a balance of classes and peer fellowship as they participate in extra curricular activities, outdoor experiences, and church services.
THE FORGOTTEN PANDEMIC is yet another avenue for S2L to create a pathway for those trapped in addiction to eradicate bondage, shame, and fear by proclaiming the truth that there can be absolute freedom from the chains of addiction.
See the trailer, discover more about S2L Recovery, and pre-order the film at THEFORGOTTENPANDEMIC.COM

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