Rock News Roundup 71

Rock News Roundup 71

Hi folks, it’s Iain the Editor here taking over from the rock star Katie as she’s abandoned her post to get re-baptised by The Protest. These people who put their faith first, I mean honestly, what are we going to do with her? I’ve seen the video of her getting baptised and I’m really disappointed it didn’t look like this given it’s The Protest doing it…

Either way, congratulations Katie and shout out to The Protest for doing it for her! There may or may not be some Protest news below. Speaking of which, let’s get on with this week’s rock news (and don’t worry, I’ll keep the puns to a minimum this time!).

We start with the big news from earlier today with Skillet announcing their new single Surviving The Game will release September 15th. You can read more about that in our article here.

skillet surviving the game september 15th

My Heart Remains‘ socials showed life (must remain calm, must remain calm, must remain rowdy!)

While they’re not stealing my writers to baptise them (I mean how selfish can you get?!), The Protest are busy launching the pre-orders for their upcoming Death Stare EP out August 27th. How cool is that art?

Behold The Beloved are Playing With Fire in their new single (what? I had to slip 1 in!). I’m REALLY digging Behold The Beloved’s work, feels like a real throwback to the Christian rock I grew up with.

Knotfest will be premiering Relent‘s Ghost music video TOMORROW! As in…well you should all know what tomorrow means!

LoveLikeGravity have teased their new album is coming next month

DAV‘s new single The Divided drops tomorrow alongside a new music video. You can pre-save it on Apple Music here. [UPDATE: The music video has just dropped and can be watched here.]

Nate Parrish released a surprise live EP Live From Contagion Fest. You can get it here (name your price).

With my Sleight Of Hand no-one will notice if we quickly branch out into the metal world for a second will they? See what I did there? (Hopefully not otherwise my Sleight Of Hand needs work!)

War Of Ages have a new Rhema EP releasing October 29th on Facedown Records. You can pre-order it here and listen to Sleight Of Hand below.

Then It Ends are teasing something’s on the way next Friday, August 27th.

I’m not sure what the question was but Meadows have The Answer tomorrow. A preview can be heard here.

Back to rock (well we never left did we…DID WE?!!)

DeadSin are all about the Change when we give our lives to Christ in their new single.

Manafest shared No Plan B has hit 10 million streams on Spotify. Congratulations dude on that cheeseburger you’re now able to afford! I’m just messing, congratulations Manafest. This song was the first song I listened to on my walk to work for a good year after it first released. Here’s the music video for the version featuring Kenta Koie of Crossfaith as today’s Throwback Thursday video.

“Won’t Say,” the last single of Allissa‘s debut music project releases next Friday alongside a music video. A preview can be heard here.

And we finish with the reminder that Switchfoot‘s new album Interrobang releases TOMORROW (or today where I am…I may or may not be listening to it right now…)

And that’s all for this week folks! Much to your relief, Katie will be back next week. Be sure to find her on social media and let her know how awesome she is and congratulate her on rededicating her life to the Lord through her “Baptism by Protest” today. Wait, that doesn’t sound right…Oh well, see ya next week folks, stay Blessed and keep throwing those rawkfists up!

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